SEO Tips for Real Estate Agents – Real Estate SEO

SEO for Real Estate AgentsI am currently speaking to several real estate agents across the country about search engine optimization and how it can benefit their marketing strategy. First off, you need an SEO strategy in place to help your website get seen! If you’re an agent, the real estate company you work for probably has a website production option where they customize a website for you. This is good in some aspects, but not when it comes down to being unique and offering a unique perspective on the market. When people are looking for an agent, they might already have a company in mind. If not, they will just click on the first link in Google when they type in “real estate agent santa monica”. Your best bet is to created a simply blogging website, using WordPress. It is highly customizable and the search engines love them, because they are updated with timely content and the website structure is so that they can be read very easily.Blogging Tips for Real Estate AgentsNow if I were a real estate agent, I would break out what I wanted to say into different topics/categories. I would write about the condo market, beach front property, luxury properties, apartment rentals and apartment complexes. The key is to mix it up and give your personal take on real estate. You would be surprised, but with a proper SEO strategy in place, your posts and articles will shoot to the top of Google and readers who type in “Where is the best place to buy a condo in Santa Monica” will find your article title “The best place to buy a condo in Santa Monica”. You will most likely be on the first page of Google AND your credibility will speak for itself! People will read your post and contact you if they like what they see. This is key to generating new leads with the help of some good real estate SEO.Build Your Own SiteBy building your own site, you have more control over what is showing up, how it is seen, and what content you want to push out to your readers. Search engines like unique and timely content. This puts you in the driver seat to push out content as often as you would like. For it to be seen in the search engines is another thing. That’s where search engine optimization comes in. My family has been in the Real Estate industry for over 15 years. I have realized, it is a very competitive industry. If you have the right tactics up your sleeves, you can jump ahead of your competition. You just need to know where to look.